Choosing a GP

General Practitioners (GPs or doctors)

Everyone has the right to good quality health care – and should expect it.

If you live in the Rotorua area you can enrol – for free – with a doctor’s general practice surgery or health clinic that is a member of Rotorua Area Primary Health Services (RAPHS).  We work together to offer lower fees to patients and offer many community-based health services and programmes.

It is quick and easy to find and enrol with a doctor in our network.

When you have decided on a doctor or medical practice

  • Call the doctor’s surgery you would like to enrol with
  • Make an appointment to visit the doctor
  • When you visit the doctor, you will be asked to complete an enrolment form.  This will enrol you with the doctor and practice you choose.

RAPHS member general practice services and programmes aim to help about 72,000 Rotorua people live healthier, safer and more enjoyable lives.

Click here for information on RAPHS Practices.