Vision & Values

Together, we make it better.  


Our Objectives

Service Delivery

To improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

Service Development

To develop clinical services and products to improve individual and population health outcomes for the people of the Rotorua district.

Our Aims

All RAPHS service development and delivery activity is in support of achievement of the Health Quality and Safety Commission's Triple Aim:

  • Improved quality, safety and experience of care
  • Improved health and equity for all populations
  • Better value for public health system resources

Our Values

All RAPHS activity is underpinned by the following principles:

Social Justice

  • RAPHS will foster and support a climate of social justice in the delivery of healthcare and continue a leadership role in improving health outcomes and improving health equity.
  • All RAPHS users have the right to expect to be well.


RAPHS will provide services that ensure equity, access and support to all patients regardless of the provider they enroll with, their ethnicity or any other demographic variable. To achieve this, targeted support for priority population demographics (e.g. high needs patient) will often be utilised.


RAPHS will provide and support efficient and effective clinical services delivery.


RAPHS activities will foster an environment of continuous quality improvement.


RAPHS services will advance the role of healthcare teams in the provision of health services, and will promote and support the interests of Maori, communities, consumers and health service providers through collaboration with stakeholders.


RAPHS will promote a high standard of professional ethics and a high standard of professional competence for providers through the support of continuing education programs.


Outcomes are a primary focus for RAPHS. RAPHS will demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and accountability in delivering services, and support contracted providers to comply with sector standards, health targets, and contractual obligations.