Measles Information

Measles is a serious and highly contagious illness that can kill. The recent outbreak highlights how important immunisation is to protect children and communities.

For a long time high rates of immunisation have successfully prevented outbreaks like the currently in New Zealand, however, the coverage rate of childhood immunisation in Rotorua is lower than the national target of 95%. This means that many children in Rotorua are at risk and if we don’t lift the immunisation coverage rate it is only a matter of time before there is an outbreak here.

All RAPHS general practices offer Measles vaccinations - for anyone under 50, immunisation is free. If you or your child is not immunised please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your general practice. If you have concerns or are not sure about your vaccination history, please contact your local GP.

If you don’t have a GP, RAPHS can help you find one. Please visit the 'Contact Us' page on this website or phone 07 349 3563.

The latest information on the measles outbreak can be found here:

Ministry of Health -

Toi Te Ora -