Practice Service Support

Practice Service Support

         RAPHS Services                                  Patient Benefit                                                         Workforce Benefit                                                      Practice Benefit           

Access to funded clinical programmes run through RAPHS (additional to capitation)

  Funded patient visits for a wide range of acute                  and long term care services

Funded treatment options for managing patient needs

Contribution to financial result

BPAC forms licensing

Referral to secondary and other providers using midland regional e-referral system

Integrated referral generation

Reduced workforce time requirements and subsidized licensing fees supports practice efficiency and reduced practice costs

HealthLink application licensing

Secure transfer of patient information and receipt of test results to and from practice to other health providers

Integrated clinical results within practice PMS system supports workflow efficiency

Reduced workforce time requirements and subsidized licensing fees supports practice efficiency and reduced practice costs


Transfer of clinical notes to hospital provider at time of presentation

Integrated communication between primary and secondary providers

Better patient outcomes

Extended Care Support Team - Pharmacy

Access to advanced clinical pharmacy services through integrated Clinical Pharmacist team

Pharmaceutical advice

Integrated multidisciplinary team supported

Extended Care Support Team - Nursing

Access to multidisciplinary care coordination and referral through MDT

Training and support provided

In practice services provided to assist staff

Integrated multidisciplinary team supported

Support with systems and process eg recalls, health targets

24/7 Afterhours service

Access to general practice services 24/7 plus subsidised access to Lakes Primecare afterhours

Reduced after hours roster from participating in group scheme

Reduced costs of operating extended hours


Advanced tools to patient support care coordination and population health monitoring are available within the practice, and support care delivery to patients

Easy online access to coordinated sector business rules and clinical service tools

Real time benchmarking of performance vs health targets and against other providers linked to automated generation of targeted patient lists

Care coordination and patient monitoring tools available

Practice administrator does not need to complete this task

Support for continuing quality improvement processes and peer review through benchmarking with local practices, linked with coordinated education support plus practice Accreditation support