Research and Development

Clinical Research & Development

Research presents opportunities for better patient care.

Research is essential to inform and improve health outcomes, health promotion, and the development of effective health care services.

Rotorua Area Primary Health Services (RAPHS) conducts and supports research to strengthen the knowledge base of primary health care providers and facilitate the use of research evidence in primary health care practice.

Our research governance is essential to

  • minimise research risks to patients and the organization
  • ensure legislative and regulatory requirements and organisational responsibilities are met
  • maximize opportunities for research partnerships with external organisations.

Health research may be undertaken in a number of ways. It may include

  • clinical trials
  • pilot clinical programmes
  • observational studies
  • educational research
  • case studies
  • audits and other related monitoring and compliance activities
  • analysis of quantitative and qualitative information.

Health research methods must respect the doctor-patient or practitioner-patient relationship at all times and follow research and professional Codes of Ethics.  General Practices are the caretakers of patients' information.

Health research provides opportunities for

  • developing and improving the practice team approach to patient care
  • practice collaboration by working together on research projects
  • knowledge sharing and learning across the RAPHS network
  • recording and supporting achievement and progress towards¬† organizational and strategic goals
  • maximizing returns on investment in information management
  • enhancing RAPHS capacity through strategic partnerships nationally and internationally

Population health research is about identifying trends and issues for a population so that health can be maximized at an individual level.

RAPHS uses health information and data to provide healthcare services that meet the needs of the Rotorua population.