Practice Management Support

Practice Management Support

        RAPHS Services                                   Patient Benefit                                                     Workforce Benefit                                                        Practice Benefit

Capitation – processing of practice registers

Subsidised co-payments

Practice administrator does not need to complete this task

RAPHS undertakes capitation register processing on behalf of practice

Access to national Connected Health network

Secure transfer of patient information between providers

Special Authorities application access

National Enrolment system access to enable capitation


Enrolment is the core enabler to connect with RAPHS clinical service benefits

Practice administrator does not need to complete this task

Validation of patient enrolment register and secure storage of enrolment forms

Accreditation support

Patients are assured of robust practice clinical and management policies and protocols

Accreditation tools and policy documentation provided for practice staff

Less time and costs for practice

RAPHS facilitates assessment for Foundation Standards

Cold chain accreditation

Assurance of vaccine quality for immunization services provided at practice

Practice administrator does not need to complete this task

RAPHS coordinates and pays for annual  vaccine fridge accreditation costs

Group purchasing scheme

Cost of on-charged consumables to patient is less


Discounted purchasing of consumables through group scheme

Practice Managers forum


Participation and support through a linked practice managers group

Less cost for practice, Practice managers are supported as a peer group with sector news and business requirements

Coordinated emergency planning support



Inclusion in local coordinated emergency contingency and response planning and delivery

Fee Review Support



Access to expertise for financial analysis and business support to assist practices with financial management

Audit support (eg enrolment audit, service audit)



RAPHS hosts and liaises service auditors on behalf of practice